“God created man and Ferragamo designed the MAN again.” This is how Philippe Daverio introduced the round table at Palazzo Spini Feroni, the company’s headquarters in the heart of Florence, for the event Scent of Life, during which the new men’s fragrance of Salvatore Ferragamo was presented, on sale starting in September, with the unveiling of a temporary installation by the architect Daniel Liebeskind on the adjacent Piazza Santa Trinita (until 17 June).

Starting from the definition of elegance that is separated from the luxury to achieve beauty, citing the proper proportio of St. Thomas Aquinas and the divine proportions of Leonardo da Vinci, Daverio asked the protagonists of the event for their definition of Italian style, beauty, and the inspiration that underlies the creation of a perfume (the “noses” Aurélien Guichard and Alberto Morrillas were on hand), a work of architecture (Daniel Libeskind), or an advertising campaign (Francesco Carrozzini and Ben Barnes).

The common denominator is memory, the recollection of an emotion, the connection between memories. For Daniel Libeskind, Italian style is the future that constantly changes but retains some rules of the past: his work “Florence Blossom,” in bright red, interprets the historical symbol of Florence, the lily, creating a form that allows the visitor to enter and see the city in an unexpected way. “Giglio” (Lily), by the way, was also the first fragrance created by Salvatore Ferragamo in 1956. (Carolina Trabattoni)