At the end of May, Schiffini was acquired by Renato Goretta, partner and sole administrator of the Milan-based company San Giorgio, thanks to capital from a London-based investment fund.

The goal of the operation of acquisition of the trademark, the production facilities and corporate shares (also Schiffini USA) is to continue the production of high-end kitchens for a worldwide market.

Schiffini is an iconic brand that represents Made in Italy in the world, and a benchmark in the sector for over 90 years.

In this long time span the company has worked with countless design masters, including Vico Magistretti and the very recent collaboration with Jasper Morrison.


The passage comes in a climate of continuity for the company, in keeping with the history of the brand and the drive for product innovation that has always been a characteristic of Schiffini. The smooth transition will be overseen by Enrico Schiffini, now operating as art director.

The goal of the new management is to consolidate existing markets and reach new ones by opening new stores in world capitals over the next four years.

The first flagship store to open will be in London on Duke St. this coming fall, followed by an opening in NewYork at the end of 2017.


The displays in London will focus on the new Lepic kitchen by Jasper Morrison.

Jennifer Schiffini will be in charge of the company’s development on new markets and the London headquarters.