Technology, function, beauty, sustainability and habitat wellness are the themes behind Schüco and its participation at Bau 2017, the European fair for the world of construction and design, held until 21 January in Munich.

Buildings have to provide environments for life and work that are safe, healthful, comfortable, efficient. Furthermore, in Italy design and functional quality are fundamental aspects of architectural production. Schüco Italia has created specific solutions for the Italian market, to make the window frame not only a component of the building, but also a furnishing complement in tune with the style of the home.

Specificity and autonomy are two important values for Schüco,” says Roberto Brovazzo, general director of Schüco Italia. “In total tune with the German mother company, we have worked in 2016 to develop products that fully respond to the needs of the Italian lifestyle. We have monitored the needs of our market and transformed them into stimuli that lead to the creation of a new line of frames with the Schüco SmartWood finish, and the new Schüco ASE 67 PD system in aluminium.”

Combining technical and aesthetic performance, the SmartWood technology makes it possible to clad internal sections of aluminium frames with true wood laminate, in a wide range of surface finishes. “In this way the frames become part of the decor, contributing the determine the personality of the home while conserving the quality and technical performance of Schüco aluminium casements,” Brovazzo explains.

Designed to respond to specific needs of comfort and design of the Italian market, the panoramic system ASE 67 PD represents the first sliding frame with 0-level threshold designed to vanish into the wall: 99% transparency.

“The new Schüco ASE 67 PD (Aluminium Sliding Element Panorama Design) system will hit the market in February and will make it possible to create large sliding windows with maximum transparency,” Brovazzo says.

The outer frame has been designed to vanish into the walls of the building, leaving visible only a very slim central joint of 31 mm. Elegant and discreet, the new Schüco ASE 67 PD sliding system also offers high performance in terms of accessibility: the flat ‘0-level’ threshold facilitates the passage between indoor and outdoor zones, even for those with movement difficulties, such as small children, senior citizens and the disabled.