90% of the sales of Montbel are exports: almost three million chairs produced, about 70,000 per year, entirely in Italy, made with fine craftsmanship and quality, to add inimitable Italian style to the world’s most prestigious hotels, restaurants and cruise ships.

The company based in the Manzano chair district and founded in 1959 by Silvano Montina operates in the contract market, in over 50 different countries.


Recently, together with two other Friuli-based companies, Midj and Piaval, Montbel presented its creations in London with the new network The Italian Concept, an incubator that sets out to catch the interest of English architects and designers, relying on the force of Made in Italy.


Architects are interested in the possibilities of customization of products in terms of finishes and compositions. This is precisely one of the strong points of Montbel, with a very wide range of solutions (1,600,000 possible combinations of fabrics, finishes, colors, structures, heights, etc.).


Fine craftsmanship is enhanced by the creative contribution of Italian and international designers like Sam Baron, Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri, Edi & Paolo Ciani, Antonio Minervini, Enzo Berti.


In 2016 Montbel’s sales reach a level of 6.5 million euro, with particular gains in the area of five-star hotels and seagoing interiors.