Shade comes from the desire to update the image of windows, bringing them into the world of design.

Giuseppe Bavuso has created a minimal frame for Erco, which lends itself to deployment as an architectural feature, in an integrated total look for spaces.

Shade sums up extensive research on the image, whose essential, linear design expresses a formal purity that conceals the product’s high technical content.

On the outside, Shade appears as a continuous sheet of glass that adds a sense of fluidity and visual uniformity, with the possibility of being further characterized by the perimeter cladding of the opening, made with mono-extruded aluminium.

From the inside Shade is aesthetic rigor and maxiumum personalization. The hardware is totally hidden, and the refined minimal Venetian blinds contained in the structure move with sophisticated mechanisms driven by solar energy. The frame comes in a range of finishes – from Corian to painted glass, to different types of wood and cowhide – to characterize and personalize interiors.