The new Cagliari Calcio stadium by Massimo Roj of Progetto CMR

Cagliari Calcio has called on the company Sportium, a pool of professionals formed by Progetto CMR, iDeas, B&L Real Estate and Manica Architecture, to modify the preliminary project of a new stadium, bringing the overall seating capacity to 25,200.

The revision includes the possibility of expansion to 30,000 seats if Italy is able to host the European soccer championship of 2028 and Cagliari becomes one of its sites.

The concept for the new stadium in Cagliari, by the architect Massimo Roj of Progetto CMR, won its bid by receiving the highest level of approval by the inhabitants of the city and the soccer club itself.

The facility will be a true smart arena, perfectly inserted in the context, and offering the highest levels of flexibility and sustainability.

It has been designed for the fans, studied to offer optimal viewing and to create an impressive wall of support effect. The new structure will also contain auxiliary and multifunctional spaces, with services ranging from hospitality to entertainment and refreshment, making the facility perfect for year-round use.