Inside the headquarters of Sky Italia, the first part of the project of the new Building 3 has recently been completed, at Milano Santa Giulia: 1800 square meters, providing a facility for about 200 employees. DEGW was assigned the task of making the new workspaces smart.



The goal was to create a new office habitat able to fully meet organizational needs of the client, optimizing usability of the new spaces and the qualitative and layout aspects of the project.

By analyzing ways of working, DEGW has modified workspace utilization, enhancing the new spaces for efficient performance.


Sky Italia now has a smart facility that encourages new ways of working, based on collaboration and sharing of experiences.


For example, DEGW has created the new workspace based on the activities people perform during the entire span of the day, facilitating new approaches to space utilization and introducing innovative work settings.

Therefore the new office habitat has more small, medium and large meeting rooms, also incorporating touchdown areas, quiet rooms and all the support zones that can help to generate business, also allowing for informal encounters.

The design concept is in line with the client’s needs, providing a perfect balance between technology, brainstorming and ‘freehand’ thinking, while reducing the number of closed offices and expanding the teamwork zones.