The metal ceilings byArmstrong Building Products  are made to guarantee acoustic comfort while permitting architects and interior designers to give free expression to any design idea.

From school to offices, shops to transport facilities and hospitals, the metal ceilings of Armstrong Building Products make it possible to achieve the right balance between design, intelligibility, privacy and natural lighting.

Among the most versatile and popular solutions, Metal Clip-in is a system for metal suspended ceilings with a hidden framework, using a DP12 snap-on section, where the individual elements are attached by means of practical clip, known as the Q-Clip for finishes with square panels, and as an R-Clip for rectangular panels, leading to an elegant, uniform and compact visual effect.

Metal Clip-in offers high levels of technical performance: the metal, thanks to its properties, guarantees greater durability than other materials. Furthermore, the special polyester powder coating applied on the panels with an electrostatic process ensures high resistance to scratching and impact. The reinforced surface makes the ceilings easy to clean with a damp cloth or with the disinfectants commonly used in health care facilities.

In this sense, the metal ceilings by Armstrong Building Products are available with special Bioguard paint to prevent the growth of bacteria, molds and yeasts, while ensuring excellent anti-microbial performance.

Finally, the Metal Clip-in panels can be customized panels with holes, openings and special details to facilitate the integration of service elements, such as lighting fixtures, air conditioning grilles and fire protection systems, in order to integrate them into the ceiling.