Faloria Mountain Spa Resort in Cortina gets an update, balancing local tradition and contemporary comfort

The project by the architect Flaviano Capriotti for the new Faloria Mountain Spa Resort, updating a historic hotel in the Dolomites and slated to open in December 2018, offers a new model of hospitality that combines local tradition, modernity and comfort.

The project covers the aesthetic/functional renewal of the entire complex, as well as a large addition with the construction of a new central volume.

The approach is in tune with the landscape context, adapting the hotel by means of an erudite, contemporary language.

The new lounge with a bar will feature a large majolica stove based on the tradition of houses in the Ampezzane Dolomites. A large wall in hewn stone, installed with the technique of opus incertum, separates the lounge from the bistro.

The restaurant is organized inside a glass pavilion with a view towards Croda da Lago on one side, and towards the Olympic ski jump facility built in the 1950s on the other.

For the new hotel rooms – in the categories Classic, Suite, Comfort Suite, King Deluxe and Suite King – the range of materials and colors features brushed larch, wool and dolomite stone. The space have a delicate domestic tone thanks to details like the headboards upholstered in wool bearing classic designs of Alpine flora.

The new spa and wellness area of 1000 square meters offers an all-around sensory experience, again by making reference to local materials and colors: the larch wood of the forests, the dolomite rock, the green of the water of the lakes.

The facility also offers a swimming pool with a length of 25 m.

A large skylight and a glass wall frame views of Monte Faloria. The ‘vitality pool’ is filled with warm water, so it can even be used on snowy days.