The project for the new Acca Software headquarters takes the particular orientation and visuals of the site into account. The building can be seen from a distance, and becomes part of the natural and architectural setting.

The heights and volumes fit into the natural topography of the site, in a composition aimed at reducing environmental impact as much as possible, without sacrificing an architectural image that conveys a sense of the high quality and vivid character of the new facility.

The central part of the complex contains a particular room called the Mind Gymnasium, a completely glazed space surrounded by the vegetation of a greenhouse. This is a place for discussion and innovation: a sort of brain in which ideas, contributions and resources of the strategic areas of the company converge.

The ambitious goal of the design and the technologies utilized is to create a self-sufficient zero-energy structure, offering the ideal conditions for wellness and productivity.

A sophisticated building automation system maximizes comfort, safety and security.