The innovative concept of the new Padua stadium by Progetto CMR in collaboration with Sportium

The president of Calcio Padova, Roberto Bonetto, presented the concept of the new stadium to the mayor of Padua Sergio Giordani.

The project created by Sportium is part of a wider-ranging project of renewal for the area surrounding the stadium, which includes the future Cittadella dello Sport, developed by the architect Massimo Asci, and a Retail Park designed by IPT Project.

The new stadium takes the place of the existing Stadio Euganeo, offering the city an innovative facility in line with the highest standards of functional quality and security outlined by UEFA. To limit the impact of the demolition of the existing stadium and the construction of the new one, the project organizes the two activities in parallel phases, permitting the team to continue with its regular schedule of matches.

The architectural concept developed by the team of the integrated design firm Progetto CMR (a founding partner of Sportium) starts with certain typical elements of the city of Padua to create a strong symbiosis with the context: water, which informs the sinuous, supple forms of the landscaping around the stadium, and the traditional porticos which are reinterpreted to create a path around the facility, making it totally permeable and accessible. The structures of the stands echo the form of the Stadio Appiani, a symbol of the city.

The stadium will have a seating capacity of 16,500, also for complementary activities – the team’s museum, shops and restaurants – generating a new gathering place for everyday use.