Studio Job has created the stage set for the 2016 Tour of the singer Mika. Huge, colorful objects, amazing scenes, references to Olympia and Jacques Brel, historic Paris and its unique monuments.

“Our dream was to create a show that could evolve and grow over time. Like the parts of the circus of Alexander Calder, each piece has to be iconic and ironic at the same time.

A stage set has to be perfect and complex, like a sculpture in a museum. Attention to detail and the meaning of each piece make the sets communicative, especially on such a large scale,” the artist says.

A mixture of darkness and light, sadness and joy. Even when it seems like pure entertainment, pure fun, the process behind the work of extremely serious. Job and Mika complement each other and are able to bring out both cheerful and dark atmospheres. All the objects have great emotional range: a family of items that will continue to grow and evolve.