A successful outcome for the first edition of the international iDogi Award competition, organized by I Dogi Group, the Venetian company known for the custom manufacture of artistic chandeliers and tables, with the aim of recognizing projects made from 2012 to 2015 capable of expressing an original interpretation of a classic style of interior decorating.

The first edition including the participation of many projects by important international architecture studios from ten different countries: Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Canada, Egypt, Arab Emirates, Italy, Latvia, Lebanon, South Africa, UK, USA.

Each architecture firm had the opportunity to present its project to the jury and architect colleagues, in the magnificent setting of the showroom of IDogi Group, in the midst of Murano glass chandeliers over 4 meters high and luminous tables with a length of up to 7 meters.

The winning project was selected by a jury of experts composed of Alberto Bassi (associate professor at the IUAV University of Venice, Department of Design and Arts, design historian and critic), Luca Battistella (architect delegate of the Mayor of Venice for Smart City), Roberta Busnelli (journalist and editor-in-chief of the international magazine of architecture and design IQD), Pietro Gaeta (architect and designer) and Francesco Miggiani (general director of Expo Venice Spa).

The Private Residence project Black Palm Beach of the New York-based studio Fairfax & Sammons took first prize in the iDogi Award 2015. The jury chose it for its skillful use of lighting to amplify the luminosity of spaces, the elegant color combinations and the refined ability to bring out the history of the building, with the delicate insertion of art and design objects with a contemporary style, creating a welcoming atmosphere in which reassuring notes from the past blend with the energy of the present.

Two honorable mentions: for the project “Diplomatic Residence in Saint Petersburg, Russia” by the New York-based studio Stef Albert, for best expression of chromatic harmony, and the project “Lotus Hotel in Tehran, Iran” of the London-based firm Parisa Design LTD, for the creation of an atmosphere of great emotional impact.