Palazzetti presents the theatrical warmth of the new range of Sunny Fire fireplaces. With the design theme of the sun, they warm spaces through radiation, providing healthy, natural warmth, while their light creates a pleasant sensation of wellbeing.

The Sunny Fire line includes twenty models including Monoblocchi, Ecopalex, Inserti, with different images to respond to all kinds of needs: single face, double face, corner, 3D, and with large glass surfaces.

The units have original forms, in which the view of the flames, thanks to the pale color of the refractory cement inside, establishes a dialogue with spaces in a virtual conversation that warms chilly winter days around the hearth.

Thermofix, the precious fireproof cement that accumulates warmth, improves combustion, while the great thickness and winged surfaces optimize exchange with the living space, guaranteeing reliability, strength and constant high performance.