Swim Cube uses a new partnership model in which the need for public investment is optimally combined with private resources, leading to a multifunctional swim facility at limited cost, but with certified quality and safety.

The service offered by Piscine Castiglione-Myrtha Pools is all-inclusive and covers every phase of the project, from the initial analysis of the territory and planning to the final phase of installation and management of the infrastructure, with reduced cost but high levels of safety and efficiency.

Piscine Castiglione-Myrtha Pools also focuses on the environment, thanks to solar panels located on the ventilated roof of the building, offering the possibility of optimizing energy consumption, with important economic and ecological benefits.

The Swim Cube comes in two versions, compact and extended, based on the inclusion of an added multifunctional space for a wide range of activities, for the most appropriate response to various needs. The facade of the facility is in light paneling, with the possibility of personalization.

The organization of the spaces calls for a large entrance/lounge area, with armchairs and tables, connected to two dressing rooms – for men and women – and the swimming pool zones, also accessed through a multifunctional zone.

The two pools of the facility (made with exclusive Myrtha technology) have different sizes, to respond to the requirements of different types of activities: one measures 12×4 m, with a constant depth of 1.2, and two lanes for aquafitness activities; the other measures 25×6 m, with a constant depth of 1.35 and 3 lanes for freestyle swimming and racing.

Photo: Garage 121