Tagetis, which has gained extensive experience in Russia, has done the interior design of a home in Moscow, featuring great care in the selection of materials. The Russian clients were attracted by the way Alessandro Bianchi is able to use the best Italian products: every element is based on the needs of the client and the project, guaranteeing the highest quality.


The goal in this case was to blend tradition and innovation in a perspective of completeness, in a turnkey installation. The result is a personal style connected with Italian know-how. Tagetis  assisted the client in every phase of the design and implementation.


The spaces include an entrance, a kitchen, a living-dining area, a studio, a master bedroom with internal bath, a second bedroom and a service bathroom. The whole interior design is based on the use of a basic color, the brown tone of wenge wood, matched with two bright colors: red and acid green.

The finishing materials define the spaces and create different zones of circulation and functional use.


The kitchen is entirely in stainless steel, inserted in a glass volume to guarantee the passage of light from the large windows of the living area. The master bath inside the bedroom is visually open, using glass dividers, as in the kitchen zone. The service bath has services in mosaic tile and olive wood. The various materials of the house are closely linked to Italian production: wood, ceramics and mosaic tiles represent the high end of Made in Italy.