Clean spaces where everything has its place. Parallel lines guide the gaze towards the key points. Natural materials intersect: wood, with details in natural stone, or framed by a dark backdrop of porcelain stoneware or black slate.

SG House is an interior design project by Michelangelo Olivieri, founder of m12 AD, the architecture and design studio based in Corato, in the province of Bari. “SG House is like a bespoke garment. The client asked us to leave the partitioning intact, and chose certain materials, like the dark porcelain stoneware. The result is like a fine work of cabinet making,” says Olivieri.

The accessorized walls, wardrobes and storage units are decorative, but also function as spatial dividers, revealing functional elements on the inside, like appliances and utensils.

SG House combines the purity of design with a particular focus on ecosustainability and energy efficiency. The walls are insulated with sheets of polystyrene with graphite additive; the wall of the bedroom is covered in cork, a natural soundproofing material. The project also features Led Lighting, Pvc thermal break casements and radiant floor panels.