Takt is a young, fresh, unconventional company, founded by the three friends  Alessandro Benedetti, Supply Chain Manager, Laura Ferrante, Sales Manager, and the designer Marcos Sinigaglia.

Based in Volargne di Dolcè (VR), in the marble district, Takt  approaches the market in an innovative way. Relying on local expertise, but with a clear international spirit, the company can offer all-around services  (from choice of raw materials to their procurement, design to production and installation) for clients, contractors, interior designers and architects, accompanying them step by step in all the phases of the creation of prestigious sites in the residential and contract sectors.

Takt selects and obtains marble, but also onyx, granite, limestone, travertine, slate and sheets of semi-precious stones, offering tailor-made service to meet all kinds of requirements.

The firm has been selected for prestigious projects in Italy, the USA, Mexico and the Caribbean.