In the most important ceramics district in the world, impacted by the crisis of 2009, Target, a company founded in Fiorano Modense in 1996, has survived thanks to innovation, creating new forms of expression and decoration applied to the industrial sector of modern ceramic tiles.

The goal is a new positioning, a single identity that covers the various brands of the corporation, while reinforcing their unique characteristics of excellence.

Target Group stands out for its flexible combination of industry and crafts. It combines modern processes and methods with a lean enterprise model and the crafts tradition.

In economic terms, the forecast for sales of the group in 2016 amounts to 23 million euros. Planning sets the goal of 34 million for 2019. Investments in production plants, logistics and warehousing and a managerial task force for project implementation amount to 2.5 million. The group presently employs 150 persons.