Technology can make a contribution to change lives, bringing previously unthinkable conquests in terms of large and small everyday actions. As in the case of Vimar home automation systems, used to allow Elisa, a young disabled woman, to have completely control of her home.


Thanks to the efforts of her parents, with the support of the Tuscany Region, a special house has been developed to make disabled people more independent, all with the fundamental contribution of By-me. Elisa can now control her entire house via smartphone. By-me is a simple, intuitive system that makes a series of actions possible that could otherwise not be performed: on-off for lights and the induction range, opening and closing of doors, balconies and blinds, control of mechanisms in wardrobes, regulation of light and temperature, summoning the elevator, but also activation of preset scenarios. With the By-door app Elisa can also answer the video intercom and open the door to guests. Thanks to the Secu Viewer app she can see all the images from the Elvox video cameras, both inside and outside the house.