The Kape, a new brand on the women’s fashion scene, has chosen Buzzi&Buzzi for the lighting of its showroom at the Dubai Design District. The concept for the showroom has been developed by Superfuturedesign*, the Italian firm of architects with headquarters in Dubai, operating across the Middle East.

The project was a true challenge to meet the requirements of the brand. The showroom reflects the Superfuturedesign* style, based on the expressive impact of furnishings and a minimalist approach. The resulting space is relaxing, where the various parts are balanced to calm the mind and heighten sensory perception. The space features sofas, display rods and a chaotic fitting area made with metal screens in a champagne tone.

The choice of products by Buzzi & Buzzi offers personalized lighting for the products on display and the various zones of the showroom. The items selected, in fact, belong to two specific categories, for contract and retail applications.

Q2 is a track spotlight from the Iron line: created to meet requests for custom products in metal, this line is the expression of the need to combine technological and aesthetic research in high-tech projects where the mechanical component is accentuated without overlooking elegance and simplicity.

Rhino, from the Basic line, meets the needs of the world of contract with a series of fixtures based on optimized production processes, without limits of quantity or quality.