Pure volumes, geometry, materials enhanced by the relationship with light. These are the features of a contemporary project that establishes dialogue with existing historic elements. At Castrovillari in Calabria, a territory of wine production, Cantina Ferrocinto is the protagonist of a story of excellence and attention to detail. The winery sits atop a hill of vineyards, including Magliocco, Aglianico, Greco Bianco and Montonico, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The engineer Francesco Lamanna is the designer of the new barrique cellar that has been inserted in the winery complex, in relation to the old castle from the mid-1800s of the Salituri family, surrounded by about 50 hectares of vineyards.

Cor-ten, stainless steel and wood are the main materials, defining the volumes that contain two large windows framed by sections that bring out the contrast with the enclosure, offering two perspectives that establish close relations between the internal space and the surrounding landscape. Natural materials are the protagonists of the interior, such as the evocative coffered ceiling in oak and the flooring in gray resin that suggests the cement surfaces of the local tradition.

The two large windows protrude from the facade of the hilltop structure, conveying the sensation of being suspended over the vineyards, sensing the force of the earth, the sounds and aromas of the vines. Secco Sistemi has provided the EBE 65 and 4F solutions, both in Cor-ten, used for a large part of the main facades and casements, chosen for its reddish color that matches that of the land with its high levels of magnesium and iron.

EBE 65 is a versatile system capable of giving form to architectural thinking, establishing a dialogue with other materials and compositional features of the facade. 4F is a continuous facade system that offers designers a tool to create custom surfaces with optimal technical performance.