The collaboration of Moroso with the high-end textile brands Rubelli and Kvadrat calls for the production and supply of coverings for armchairs and sofas of the company helmed by Roberto Moroso, CEO, and Patrizia Moroso, art director.

Setting the elegance is the name of the collection, and the title of the splendid catalogue of contemporary design. Where the narrative, the set, becomes a place of exchange of semantic richess, to share and savor.

The project comes from the desire to experiment, performing stylistic exercises, getting away from standards to create unusual coverings for design objects.

A collective project that actively involves two of the main suppliers of Moroso, Rubelli and Kvadrat, in an enjoyable moment of creativity.

A collaboration that demonstrates how constant renewal, combined with the work of recognized textile editor-producers, can generate industrial alchemies of great force and character.