The Box comes from the partnership between two entrepreneurial realities that are complementary: Spotti and the studio Colmanni + Minerva.

A hybrid, dynamic space where the container becomes the content, and vice versa. The expertise and tools made available are built into the space itself.


The merger capabilities and a careful selection of suppliers and partners allow The Box to offer companies and private clients complete projects: from architectural design to implementation, construction and engineering, from the proposal and supply of furnishings and decor to custom-produced items.

The Box is a multifunctional structure available to clients as well as international sector professionals, acting as a local partner, a base of operations, a container of tools useful for the completion of projects, a place of research and design, and a source of inspiration.


The Box is located in a building from the 1700s in the heart of Milan, at Piazza Bertarelli 4. A space of 200 m2, accessed from the first courtyard, created through rigorous renovation that conserves the existing historical features.


The project has been conceived and coordinated by the architect Cristian Minerva and represents a manifesto of the design approach and ability of The Box, where the highest quality of craftsmanship in wood and metal combines with the unusual application of industrial products and a refined selection of furnishings, finishes and complements, in collaboration with Studiopepe for Spotti.


The brands chosen for the creation of the space, with which The Box works in synergy on individual projects by commission, reflect the concept and share in its philosophy: Arper, Kerakoll Design House, Oikos, USM Modular Furniture.