Four travelers can move to Grottole (Matera) for 3 months to help the local community regenerate a village

To change your life and save Grottole, a village in the province of Matera, which with 300 inhabitants and over 600 empty homes runs the risk of vanishing: this is the appeal launched by Airbnb and the non-profit Wonder Grottole with The Italian Sabbatical.

In the year of Matera European Capital of Culture 2019, 4 volunteer travelers from all over the world have a chance to change their lives, moving to the village for a sabbatical of 3 months, during which they can take part in the rebirth of the area, taking an active part in the regeneration of a community.

As temporary citizens they will be immersed in local traditions and culture, adding their contribution to all the activities of the settlement. Becoming hosts of Airbnb Experiences they will then transmit what they have learned to visiting tourists. At the end of the 3-month period they will be made honorary citizens by the mayor of Grottole.

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