Ispirato agli antichi vasi cinesi, Ming è tra i progetti di luce più recenti del designer Moritz Waldemeyer, presentato in occasione di Decorex 2015 a Londra.

Inspired by Chinese antique vases, Ming is one of the latest lighting projects by the designer Moritz Waldemeyer, presented during Decorex 2015 in London.

Projected into the future, Waldemeyer proposes a “couple” of bases, both enlivened by games of light. While one vase is lit in vibrant red that evokes trembling flames, the other has a blue and turquoise hue based on the delicate movement of water. This choice of opposite elements reflects the oriental philosophy of yin and yang, using fire and water, important symbols in Chinese culture.

The Anglo-German designer uses parametric techniques (parametric design applies mathematical formulae to create three-dimensional forms: a computer program generates the drawings and lines) to create a complex geometry of stainless steel and personalized LEDs. Light in motion.

After all, man has always lived in the company of light that moves and seems to be alive, like fire and water.