Politecnica, the Italian integrated design firm – architecture, engineering and urban planning – has taken part in an international project for the construction of the facilities of the Ethio European Business School and Business Innovation Center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


With an overall area of 15,000 square meters, for a total investment estimated at about 15 million euros, the project calls for the creation of a single large building to contain education spaces, conference rooms, meeting rooms, a large learning center, community spaces for the activities of the schools, and departmental offices.


The project known as The place for ideas has been developed as a composition that fits into the morphological and natural context of the site, totally conserving the existing vegetation.

The large terraces and green roofs create a dialogue of continuity between the interiors of the building and the surrounding natural setting. The overhangs and orientation guarantee optimal sunlight management, minimizing the need for climate control.


The complex becomes a true landmark, a symbol of the growth of the territory, in a single volume in zones of three and five levels, connected by a triple central volume.


A dynamic facility that offers an ideal context for teaching and learning.