Whirlpool presents “the Taste of Health,” a new information project on the advantages and nutritional benefits of microwave cooking made in collaboration with two exceptional partners: Nutrition Foundation of Italy, a non-profit association to promote correct nutrition information and education for consumers, and the award-winning chefs Tommaso Arrigoni and Eros Picco of the Milan-based restaurant Innocenti Evasioni, who have made flair and originality in the kitchen their claim to fame.

In everyday life, where time is a decisive factor, reconciling desires and needs regarding food is no easy matter. Often the correct nutritional standards get pushed aside by the frenetic pace of life, forcing us to ‘eat and run’ while sacrificing flavor and health.

“Il Gusto del Sano” is the response of Whirlpool to these needs: the main protagonist, once again, is the microwave oven and its extraordinary cooking, a perfect solution to keep nutritional benefits of food intact, while making it easy to prepare the most refined recipes of famous chefs.

Whirlpool wants to emphasize the role as a true cooking machine of the microwave, bringing out its functions that make it possible to cook healthy, well-balanced repasts. At the same time, the project underlines the total safety of microwave ovens, both for food and for people.

To prove these points, Tommaso Arrigoni and Eros Picco have unleashed their creativity, inventing a series of recipes for Whirlpool using traditional ingredients reworked with flair and experimentation, thanks to the use of microwave ovens. Their original ideas, which are easy to prepare, are available at the website www.whirlpool.it/innovation_il-gusto-del-sano.content.html for everyone who wants to amaze dinner guests or create a special tête-à-tête moment at home.