For the design of the new offices of an important financial firm located in Milan in what used to be a French school, the studio of the architect Roberto Rosmarini  has chosen Lualdi as a partner for the supply of all the doors and customized furnishing systems.

The renovation covered the logistical-functional  adaptation of the whole building, with an area of about 2500 m2  enhanced by many Italian 20th-century artworks.  The attic has been transformed as a functional level.

The project called for a total revision of the layout with the insertion of curved dividers: new spaces granted uniformity and warmth thanks to the use of pear wood for all the furnishings.

The entrance features Lualdi doors and paneling on curved walls. The doors made with the same finish and curvature fit perfectly into the space. In other cases, glass has been used for the curved doors, to bring light to the rooms.

Lualdi has also supplied the reception counters, wardrobes and tables.

In the auditorium the walls and ceilings are entirely faced in wood, housing and concealing all the electronic equipment.