A boutique for footwear Made in Italy

A boutique for footwear Made in Italy


The project for the new Gaia del Greco boutique in Senigallia responds to the need to move the existing point of sale, located in a shopping center, into a streetfront space in the historical center of the city.

The decision on the part of Giorgia Politi, owner of the store and the factory of the same name that produces footwear and accessories in leather, was based on the desire to offer clients a more convenient and appealing space: “Finely crafted Italian leather footwear and accessories are synonymous with style and tradition, all over the world. Our country also makes very beautiful products for the market of so-called affordable luxury, offered at more reasonable prices than those of the famous brands: Gaia del Greco fits precisely into this market niche.”

After a few weeks of searching, the perfect location was found, on the ground floor of a handsome historical building in the pedestrian zone of the city center, near the cathedral.

The new project (design PiùStore) starts precisely from the idea of opening the interior of the shop towards the two streets it faces, eliminating two of the three fitting rooms, shifting the storage area into the first room where the entrance is located, and refurbishing the window on Via Gherardi that faces the most popular ice cream shop in Senigallia.

This operation creates a visual connection that crosses the whole store, from street to street, putting the third window on Via Cavour into alignment with the new front on Via Gherardi.

To enhance the products, the archest that form a backdrop for the wrought iron shelves have been painted white. The peach color suggests the fuzzy surface of the fruit, while fuchsia evokes a lipstick-laden kiss. Pink neon lights with an arched form frame the products displayed in the windows, immediately catching the eye of passers-by.

Photos by Andrés Otero.