Two infrastructures boost the level of services offered to passengers at Aeroporto Marco Polo in Venice: the Water Terminal and the Moving Walkway, both designed by Pool Engineering.

Two elements of direct connection between the airport and the lagoon, indispensable for rapid access to the docks for transport to the city center. Both structures feature burnished brass frames by Secco Sistemi. The systems utilized are SA 15 and EBE 65 in burnished brass.

SA 15 is composed of tubular sections with sheet metal thickness of up to 1.5 mm, depth of 55 mm for panes up to 40 mm, and internal-external coplanar fitting between the panel and the frame. With the SA systems the sections of the metal structure containing large panes of glass can be particular slim, thanks to their special configuration.

EBE 65 is the thermal break system with a depth of 65 mm for panes up to 48 mm, with internal margin and external coplanar mounting of panels and frames. Thanks to the innovative thermal break technology in polyamide and polyurethane, EBE generates strong structural profiles with limited cross-sections.