Ugoessere is a trademark of Legno Arredo srl that has developed its activity starting from a consolidated tradition of craftsmanship with wood.

Created in the Brianza furniture district, the brand is rooted in the tradition of artisans who have evolved and diversified, adapting to the needs of an always changing market.

“We started out as suppliers in the production of classic furniture, made in small numbers for high-end brands, and then we modified the production line to work on custom designs,” says Emanuele Donghi, one of the founders.

A transformation that led to collaborations with architects and designers involved in international projects. This experimentation has produced collections made with metals combined with wood to enhance the level of artistic potential and versatility.

“The crisis that has hit the sector for many years now has led to resizing of the company, but we are not about to surrender, and the experimentation continues,” Donghi explains.

The firm has developed a line of decorative elements used to personalized its projects, making them unique and original.

“In the Ugoessere collection the creativity of craftsmen finds a context for expression,” Donghi concludes, “adding nobility to humble materials like cement and nails, combined with wood, the true protagonist of our company.”

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