Designed by the architect Camillo Botticini, Alps Villa is an ecological house with a contemporary language, inserted in the Alpine landscape near the Passo del Cavallo, not far from Brescia.

The use of natural materials like oxidized corrugated copper for the outside of the house, and Accoya wood for the outer part of the large splay over the windows to the south, permits a harmonious dialogue with nature.

At the same time, the form of the house, with an irregular C-shaped layout, gives it a strong expressive identity. To the north, the sheltered patio features an iroko wood deck, while to the south a space with a height between 3.5 and 4.5 meters hosts the living area, extending into the dining room.

One of the architect’s goals was to design a house that was open to the outside yet also protected. A construction that thrives on contrasting principles like transparency and opacity, openness and closure, familiarity and detachment, a timeless yet contemporary look based on harmony and tension.

The role of the large windows, with fixed zones and others that open, is fundamental in this context. The architect has selected the Secco Sistemi EBE 65 and 85 thermal break frames in galvanized steel, with triple glazing. Security, acoustic insulation and avant-garde energy efficiency performance guarantee optimal habitat comfort, while the slim sections keep the lines pure and simple, with maximum transparency.

The frames are also essential to underline another essential aspect of the design, namely that of making an ecological house in terms of construction and insulation materials. All the components are sustainable.