The 2016 range of Panasonic Viera television sets offers the company’s experience with image quality while representing a clear breakthrough in aesthetic terms, thanks to in-depth interior design research.

Panasonic is famous for the quality and reliability of its products, which in aesthetic terms have always been characterized by essential lines and a classic, professional, rigorous image.

Considering the growing focus of consumers on the image of the TV set, an object that has become a decor feature in the home, Panasonic has invested resources in collaboration with designers, with the help of the London-based See Research agency, to identify the latest trends and needs in the field of interior design, developing a new Art & Interior range.

DX800 is the result of this design-oriented approach, with a look that goes beyond essential lines to give the products outstanding personality, staying ahead of trends in design and interior architecture thanks to precious, elegant lines that fit into the most refined settings.

The design-oriented vision behind the new Art & Interior concept also extends to the rest of the range, with the refined design of the pedestal, making it easy to customize. The panels of the DX780, DX730, DX700, DX653 and DX600 series are supported by two feet that can be positioned at the ends of the screen, for a more aggressive look, or at the center, for a structure compatible with most traditional TV cabinets.

The technological excellence of Panasonic Art & Interior was displayed at the Cassina stand during the Salone del Mobile 2016 along with new furnishings by this Italian brand that is a symbol of contemporary design.

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