Starwood, the new product developed by Porcelanosa Grupo for immersion in nature, is ideal for any space, including the bathroom.

Thanks to its specific characteristics, it is resistant to water, making it ideal for wet zones.

The collection offers the finest wood in four finishes: Tanzania, Vancouver, Nebraska and Minnesota. In all 12 tones that can be combined with 5 decorative elements (Eden, Ice, Desert, Noa and the new Maia), it can be used for floors or facings.

The bathroom has become a focal point for interior designers, in pursuit of functional quality combined with elegance.

The Starwood collection by Porcelanosa offers decorative facing elements that add remarkable personality to spaces.

In particular, the Noa decoration and the new Maia ‘mini-spike’ motif in the paler hues, like Minnesota Ash, create a distinctive image in residential bathrooms, especially with pale furnishings.

If the bathroom is spacious and there is a need to focus attention on one particular zone, darker tones can be used, like Minnesota Moka. Combined with lighter hues like Minnesota Camel they provide a perfect sense of contrast.

Starwood can be used for facings or floors, granting continuity to the bath but also to the entire home, using the same material everywhere to convey a sensation of fullness and harmony.