The renovation project for a complex of trulli in Puglia, in the countryside of Ostuni, reflects a spirit of respect and love of the territory, with its age-old olive trees and lush nature, through local materials and crafts. The traditional exteriors enclose interiors that balance tradition and modernity.

The striking characteristic of the project by the architect Enrico Maria Cicchetti (Studio EMC Architect), in collaboration with the engineer Francesco Palmisano, is the insertion of an immense glass cube that surrounds a venerable olive tree and extends the living area.


The graft of the transparent volume has been done carefully to avoid any negative impact on the existing structure of the trulli, conserving their forms and their relationship with the surrounding space. The glass cube thus seems essential, linear, natural, composed of a series of concrete partitions to contain vertical and horizontal glass walls. The floor is by Ideal Work with a cloud finish that becomes a discreet presence inside the architecture.


Ideal Work materials have also been used for the steps of the swimming pool, with a printed stone effect, creating a pleasant contrast with the blue water and the green setting.


The cloud-finish flooring by Ideal Work is a technological concrete floor with soft, dynamic shadings of the cement effect, making the spaces more luminous while enhancing the furnishings and the overall decor.