With Scavolini the thrill of being immersed and interactive in your future home, a place of maximum personalization

Scavolini brings a revolution to the purchase experience with Virtuo, the program by Tesy Software that permits retailers to offer customers a novel virtual experience.

Virtuo has a dual aim: to enable Scavolini clients to be immersed in their future home, designed together with the decorator; and to offer professionals a tool to improve the quality of services and the purchase experience.

Through advanced technologies, Virtuo makes it easy and quick to present projects in an utterly innovative way, transforming them into a virtual experience of high graphic quality.

Clients are free to move around inside the space and to directly interact with furnishings in real time.

Virtuo lets you open cabinets and doors, discovering mechanisms and internal outfitting. At the same time, you can change the finishes of furnishings and other elements.