The architects Wasfy Taha and Fionn Mögel of the studio Querkopf-Architekten have designed a new look for the Hanse Merkur headquarters in Hamburg. The insurance company founded in the historic Haus Wedells building has grown over the years, and now fills an entire complex with structures from such different eras and in such different styles as to create an effect of curious confusion.


The large glass corridor leading inward from the entrance joins the various buildings, emphasizing the theatrical look of the facility. The entrance structure is formed by a rectangular pavilion, completely in glass, made unique by a sculptural roof in HI-MACS® with a length of six meters, that wraps the pavilion in an asymmetrical arrangement.


The architects chose HI-MACS® for its resistance to the effects of time and weathering, as well as ultraviolet radiation. This material of the new generation – 67% natural minerals, 30% acrylic, 3% pigments – can also be easily shaped. HI-MACS® can also be worked to eliminate visible joints, for installations that seem to be sculpted from a single block of material.

The roof is an enclosure of 100 HI-MACS® S728 panels with a thickness of 12 mm in Alpine White, on a substructure of wood and steel.