Wood, wood and more wood: this is the design choice behind the renovation of a small apartment in Tarvisio, where the pursuit of warmth, originality and modernity has led to the use of Impression parquet by Woodco not only on the walls, but also on all surfaces of the furnishings.

The house is on two levels, one of which is underground, with a total area of 110 square meters. The originality of the interiors (basic yet comfortable) lies in their floor plan: while the basement has been entirely devoted to relaxation, with a small sauna and tavern for leisure time, the heart of the house is on the ground floor, where a spacious open-plan living are functions as a fulcrum, flanked by the bedroom zone.

The renovation project by architect Claudio Beltrame was driven by the desire to create a cozy space that would combine habitat comfort and contemporary design. To create a contemporary look, the parquet has been used out of context, in an original way, to cover not only the walls, but also all kinds of furniture, from the dining table to the kitchen cabinets, the window sills to the surfaces of the doors.

After careful research into materials, the designer opted for the Ankur parquet by Woodco, from the Impression collection, featuring large knots and a vigorous hewn appearance.