The Danish architecture studio Lumo has collaborated with the technicians of Land Rover to make a cabin that reflects the British automaker’s design principles and advanced engineering. A unique, functional cabin, in the Land Rover style.

Discovery Sport has proven to be the ideal choice for the project: the seats fold down to floor level, the cargo zone is wide and regular, and there are many hidden compartments. These are the same concepts applied in the cabin.

The Land Rover engineers made a virtual model of the cabin to exploit every millimeter of space to the utmost, working with the Danish specialists of the Lumo firm on the construction done with sustainable materials.

The cabin shares various characteristics with the Discovery models, including the optional seat on the veranda. The large horizontal opening is based on the panoramic roof of the vehicle. On the roof there is a solar battery charger, while the lights and the teapot can be powered by the 12 volt socket.