Through interior design, the studio Arkham Project (Marco Longatti, Luca Ambrosini with Tomas Caloprisco) has given new meaning to the residential complex of a 1970s villa in Brienno, facing Lake Como.

The concept calls for four strips of different colors and materials crossing all the rooms and all the levels.

The tonal change touches on all the parts, from the floors to the ceilings, all the way to the pool, becoming a divider between the pool and the entrance zone.

The lighting system, a combination of built-in linear fixtures for diffuse light and individual spots, underscores the linear character of the spaces.

Kitchen, Giotto and Milo360, the sophisticated collection of faucets by Cea, have been chosen for the bath and kitchen spaces, thanks to their minimal design and attractive finishes.

The coherent application of materials and the precise details become tools for the reformulation of a new identity and a new spatial approach.