The entrance of the HypoVereinsbank in Munich, located in the recently renovated HVB-Tower, conveys a sensation of majesty, light, rigor and precision.

The polygonal structure designed by the studio HENN, like a crystal, functions as a parapet and access to three levels of the building, while bordering the spectacular lobby area.

The result is a new geometric dimension, made possible by the HI-MACS® solid surface, crafted to eliminate visible joints, conveying the impression that the structure was made with a single pour.


The architects required a surface without any visible joints, a true challenge presented to the builders of 5D Engineering und Arnold AG. The response is a primary substructure subdivided into two parts, to absorb the movements of the paneling. The joints of the panels, which remain indispensable, have been inserted in optical angles that make them practically invisible.


This atypical assembly made possible by the assistance of the HI-MACS® transformer Rosskopf+Partner is no longer visible in the crystalline structure, which in spite of its weight of 36 tons seems to be practically weightless.

Almost 850 square meters of HI-MACS®, divided into 500 individual components of different sizes, have been assembled with mathematical precision at the site, bolted, glued and polished, all on a three-story structure.

The structure with its rigorous forms is softened and lightened by the use of this technologically advanced acrylic stone that gives the entirely white entrance an inviting, appealing image.