ABB, a group active in the sector of technologies for energy and automation, has supplied a home automation system with international KNX standards for an innovative residential project, a villa with a modern design in the hills to the south of Lago d’Iseo. The house has been developed around the concept of extended integration, with a particular focus on management of technological systems for comfort and high quality of life.

The system supplied by ABB together with the plates of the Mylos series and different control devices makes it possible to respond to the needs of integration as well as the aim of creating a house with high energy efficiency. The devices offer the possibility of detailed, flexible management throughout the home of all lighting, climate control, security and entertainment functions.

The main interface is a ComfortTouch touchscreen from which all the regulations can be set, some of which are also controlled from the priOn unit installed in the bedroom, for the most important parameters.

At different points throughout the house built-in controls have been inserted using Mylos plates, to implement scenarios involving lights, motorized elements and entertainment devices. The home automation system can also be controlled remotely, using a smartphone or a tablet.

The villa in Franciacorta is a good example of what ABB means by a Smart Home, combining architectural and aesthetic features with innovative systems and technologies to offer better comfort and total control of the residence.

The innovation offered by the ABB home automation system also makes it possible to intelligently and efficiently manage consumption, for a truly “green” way of life.