Now 15 years young, the Vigilius Mountain Resort gets an update, in tune with its values of simplicity and sustainability

To celebrate 15 years of existence, the Vigilius Mountain Resort presents updated offerings that keep faith with the values that have made this eco-design hotel created in Alto Adige by the architect Matteo Thun and the entrepreneur Ulrich Ladurner famous.

Located at an altitude of 1500 meters on the pass of Monte San Vigilio and reached from Lana (Bolzano) exclusively by cableway, the structure fits into the surrounding environment. Wood, stone, clay and glass dominate the exterior of the resort, which from above looks like a tree trunk lying on the ground. Today, as in the past, the larch trees welcome guests with their aroma, making the resort an ‘island in the mountains.’

The first Italian hotel to obtain CasaClima Classe A certification as an ecosustainable facility, Vigilius Mountain Resort uses only renewable energy and confirms its role as an ideal place to get reconnected with nature, in a warm, welcoming atmosphere like that of a private home.

The round table discussion recently held to celebrate the anniversary – with the philosopher Wilhelm Schmid, Ulrich Ladurner and the young artist sons of Matteo Thun, Constantin and Leopold, moderated by Louis Lewitan – revealed the fact that for the Vigilius Mountain Resort real luxury is the capacity to create harmony with the territory and its inhabitants, the staff and the guests.

The resort represents the concept of its owner, Ulrich Ladurner: a structure capable of stimulating and bringing together guests through events on culture, music, art, literature and fine dining. A place in which to rediscover your own creativity, and a genuine sense of the territory.

The spaces combine design and comfort, thanks to the use of natural materials: from larch wood to quartzite for the floors, and elegant fabrics.

In the evocative Vigilius Mountain Spaoutdoor and indoor living come together: the indoor pools, the outdoor hydromassage tub and the sauna grant a sensation of floating amidst the larch brands, with the Dolomites rising in the background.

The wellness space is a tribute to the water that arrives directly from the springs of Bärenbad to Monte San Vigilio, with all its special properties. Closed between layers of gneiss and granite, this very pure mountain spring water has high levels of silica, sodium and potassium; its radon content can also have curative effects.