The Polish architect Przemek Lisiecki, the designer of many makeovers for homes in Eastern Europe, has transformed a house in the heart of Warsaw with a very modern approach.

The residence now adapts to the current needs of a young family of four. The layout and interior design have been updated, making greater use of natural light. The dominant color is white, on the walls and the floors, balanced with furnishings in gray and elegant wood.

The house is a true technological gem, and all the physical plant systems and appliances are part of a modern home automation system. The windows are based on medium and large solutions by the brand Oknoplast. The black&white color scheme of the whole house has been reinforced with frames in two different colors: gray and white.

The Squareline windows are the perfect solution to provide suitable thermal comfort and to optimize the resource of natural light.

The large openings feature the HST sliding systems by Oknoplast, based on the quality of PVC casements in class A, and made with the most advanced technical solutions to improve thermal comfort.