Victoria+Albert takes another step towards the contamination between the world of interiors, design and yachts, adding precious features to the interior design of Ulysses, a 107-meter yacht. The London-based studio H2 Yacht Design has recently created the interiors of the yacht, generating a welcoming atmosphere based on refinement and style, thanks to the use of pale wood and fabrics, and warm, familiar materials.

The designers were attracted by the capacity of Victoria+Albert to supply products for all kinds of needs: strong, easy to repair and personalize, and above all extraordinarily light in weight.

The bathrooms of Ulysses contain the Napoli borderless washstands, with their asymmetrical and highly functional basins.

The Mozzano freestanding bathtub was selected for this project with the idea of providing the client with a very high level of comfort and ergonomics. The design is minimal, deep, with enveloping corners. The small weight of 65 kg and reduced bulk of 1700 mm make this an ideal seagoing product.