Versatility of image and performance makes Microtopping the choice for the renovation of a studio inside a building from the 1960s on the very central Piazza Borsa in Treviso: the whole first floor, over 800 m2, has been entirely redesigned in terms of both looks and functional organization.

The project by the studio B+B Associati has provided a forceful generating layout for the interiors, while redesigning the long glass facade overlooking a central area of the city.

From an obsolete commercial office, the studio becomes a space in which the surfaces extend towards the outer facades with big windows that expand the perspective, providing excellent views of the city. Light enters abundantly in every roof, creating a strong sense of indoor-outdoor fusion.

The challenge was to find a material that would unify the spaces in a visual continuum, to allow the fragmented lines of the circulation spaces and offices to emerge clearly: Microtopping, the patented covering by Ideal Work, was the most natural choice.

Microtopping has been chosen for its visual and tactile materic character, capable of making every surface original and distinctive. Microtopping can be applied, in just 3 mm, without limits or interruptions on any type of surface. This makes it the ideal facing to create an airy, fluid environment, conveying the impression of greater spaciousness.

Microtopping is also easy to personalize, in terms of color and shading, effects and finishes: about twenty different versions with different hues, shadings and surface textures were tested to find the perfect tone to enhance the studio in the daytime – when the offices are flooded with direct and indirect natural light – and in the evening, in artificial light.

The final choice went to a variation of the Silver Grey tone, perfect to provide the desired materic effect and to harmoniously blend with the modern furnishings of the spaces, dominated by steel and glass, where the true protagonists are the seats, mostly in leather.