At Nimis – an ancient stronghold from the Roman era situated in the Eastern Hills of Friuli – there is a young winery, Cantina Gori. Its architectural design, done by the architects Massimo and Giovanni Bertolano Croatto, integrates the main villa with the winery, for an overall arrangement on four levels, two of which are buried in the hill: the first contains the winery with its production facilities and the tasting privé, while the second has space for the aging of wines in barriques. The ground floor and first floor are set aside for the main villa.

The interiors have been developed in direct connection with the desires and tastes of the owners, alternating found objects with the most modern features, in both the fixed and mobile furnishings, often designed and built in direct synergy with the local craftsmen.

Technology plays a key role. To manage such a detailed and complex structure, where the functional quality of residential space has to match the needs an environment – the winery – where temperature must always be stable, the choice has gone to the By-me home automation system by Vimar: the ideal solution to meet the demand for high quality standards.

From the Multimedia Video Touch Screen, a control panel located in the living room, it is possible to control (through a user-friendly interface) all the environments that make up the complex. Lights, climate control, automation, access – in the rooms and the multifunctional spaces – as well as the sound system: everything is under control and nothing is overlooked by the automated, intelligent system that optimizes time and resources in the name of total comfort.

To combine music with an even more engaging atmosphere, the Multimedia Video Touch Screen makes it possible to quickly set, for every zone, a different combination of temperature, lighting and comfort, previously configured based on personal needs. Everything can also be locally controlled thanks to domotic devices that govern both the automatic functions and lighting, skillfully positioned to bring out the striking details of the decor.

A context that combines automation and sophisticated design. An unmistakable touch of elegance and exclusivity for any space, thanks to the lines of the Eikon Evo series.