Launch of the website for the discovery of the works of the great Finnish architect

Launch of the website for the discovery of the works of the great Finnish architect. A design itinerary to match personal interests (including tourism and food)


“Form should have content and the content should have a relationship with nature,” Alvar Aalto, one of the great masters of modern architecture, explained. Today it is easier to explore the example of the great Finnish architect thanks to the new web service ( which proposes a journey to discover famous and less well known works by Aalto.

The itinerary is interesting not only from an architectural standpoint, also thanks to its settings in nature: it winds through forests and lakes in the beautiful Finnish countryside.

The voyage starts in Helsinki (from the home and studio of the Aaltos in the green Munkkiniemi area) and then heads east and west of the capital, reaching the northern regions of Lapland and famous sites like Paimio with its Sanatorium (1929-1933) and the old industrial village of Kattua where Aalto experimented with ideas of social housing, creating the Terrace House (1937-1938).

Visitors can also see Villa Aalto (1943), the building set aside for women workers at the Ahlström factory that has now become a guesthouse, or the Herbal Sauna at the Jokisauna (1940-1941), which the architect invented as a place of relaxation for workers.

Villa Mairea (1937-1939) in the nearby town of Noormarkku is a jewel of Finnish modernism, which Aalto and his wife Aino (who did the interiors and furnishings) designed in 1939 for their friends Maire and Harry Gullichsen, with whom they shared in the great adventure of Artek, the wooden furniture factory founded in 1935. Everyday Beauty was the slogan for these visionary projects that have become reference points for contemporary architecture.

The itinerary also reaches natural sites of remarkable beauty, as well as places of historical and cultural interest: the Glass Village at Nuutajärvi, with its historic glassworks from the late 1700s (nearby, in the factory of the Swedish brand Iittala, in 1936 the famous Savoy vase was born, which Aalto designed to reflect the sinuous forms of Finnish lakes).

The web service is coordinated by the Alvar Aalto Foundation in partnership with local tourism agencies, and with the support of the Finnish Ministry of Tourism and Culture.


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Helsinki, The Aalto House Interior 1935-36. Photo Maija Holma.
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Helsinki, The Aalto House Inner Courtyard 1935-36. Photo Maija Holma.
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Jarvenpaa, Lake Tuusula.
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Jyväskyla, Muuratsalo, Experimental House, Lake Päijänne. Photo Maija Holma
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gallery gallery
Paimio, Sanatorium. Photo Maija Holma