With the holiday season upon us, every home gets ready to welcome guests and festivities, hopefully eliminating the stress involved in the perfect repast. A moment that is one of the high points of domestic socializing, the Christmas dinner can be approached with serenity, without the fear of disappointing one’s guests.

Samsung appliances usher in a new era for the home of the future, the New Home, offering the solution for entertaining with a smile. Together with the food writer Csaba dalla Zorza and Coincasa.

The ecosystem of intelligent solutions by Samsung for the home offers simplicity, speed and connectivity. While the infinite possibilities of updating a taste for tradition with tableware, linens and decorations from Coincasa permit creation of new atmospheres in line with an always more contemporary home, also in the kitchen.

To use the most precious tableware without worrying about how to wash it. To decorate with the trendiest objects and prepare chef-approved dishes without making mistakes is no longer such a daunting challenge. Technology comes to the rescue of cuisine lovers, taking care of all aspects of the mise-en-place and safeguarding the quality of foods.

As confirmed by research conducted by Samsung, 99% of Italians think intelligent appliances do provide high-level culinary performance, while 50% of the population thinks impeccable meals are the result of the new ovens, followed by refrigerators (33%) and microwave ovens (29%).

New kitchen technologies also offer information on the progress of the various courses on the menu (83% of Italian consumers would buy an intelligent oven with an app to monitor culinary creations) and signals regarding the right moment to serve foods and to launch delicate washing, even by remote control, of textile elements used for holiday dining.

Samsung’s commitment to stress elimination and to help consumers with all domestic needs, thanks to easy, quick and smart solutions, implies constant innovation and the capacity to revolutionize methods of cooking and washing, generating new habits of consumption and updating spaces while respecting the tradition.

These are the characteristics of the ecosystem of Samsung solutions, from the Defense line of ovens (with wi-fi technology to check on cooking via smartphone) to the advanced Crystal Blue washing machine (activated remotely, providing very delicate washing of even the finest linens), all the way to the WaterWall™ dishwashers, for professional cleaning performance, effective but delicate for even the most precious tableware.

Finally, the new frontier of induction makes it possible to prepare dishes with maximum precision thanks to the LED “Virtual Flame™”, while the Kitchen Fit™ refrigerator, with a depth of just 60 cm, adapts to any kitchen style, keeping the decor style intact.